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Process Benchmarking


Process description

Water sector reform in Bulgaria is crucial to achieving all criteria in terms of quality of services in the water sector by 2020. With the implementation of planned activities striving  to achieve reliable water facilities and water of high quality, high efficiency of the performed processes and services.

The comparative analysis (benchmarking) comparing the activity of water supply operators is a proven management tool to improve the performance of the operators, by systematically searching and adapting leading practices in the industry. It is not a single act but a periodic process that contains the following two steps: assessing performance and improving performance.

The modern concept of internal benchmarking was developed for the first time during the period of 1970-1980, from Rank Xerox. As a result of the implemented measures over 25% reduction in operating costs of the company have been achieved.

In the water sector, benchmarking methodology is being applied since the early 90s, mainly in the Nordic countries (Netherlands, Denmark). Fifteen years of experience in the Netherlands shows that through the system of administration of benchmarking cost reductions in service delivery of water by 26% is being achieved (before adjustment for inflation). At the same time the continual striving of achieving better services and preserving the investment potential  is being preserving.

European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) was launched in 2004 by the National Water Associations and several water operators in Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. EBC’s mission is to support (mainly) European water companies in the ongoing process of improving the efficiency and transparency of their operations through:

– Providing national / international benchmarking program for water supply and sewerage services;

– Providing a platform for exchange of best practices in the management and operation;

– Exchange of knowledge and experience in benchmarking;

– Networking.

Since 2007, EBC held an international benchmarking program that aims to improve the operation of water utilities. Currently, most companies involved are from Western Europe, but in 2012 successfully was tested a central structure for benchmarking in Romania whose aim is the joint organization of national / regional benchmarking programs for local companies.

This current document was developed based on the EBC methodology. The basic ideology of this methodology is related to the improvement of business processes in the water operators by comparison, study and analysis. Its purpose is not associated with regulation of operators or ranking.

In order to maintain constant standards the EBC methodology uses the main indicators set out in well-known in the international water sector methodology of the International Water Association, and in some cases for more detail and clarity are developed and new indicators.

EBC methodology has three levels of benchmarking: basic, standard, high level.


Public report

Second annual project meeting

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