Water loss in water supply systems is a serious problem for almost all urban areas around the world and it can be even worse in areas with scarcity of water. This problem deserves immediate attention and appropriate action to reduce avoidable stress on scarce and valuable water resources. Several big cities have already started programmes geared towards the step-by-step reduction of the losses and it is well known that many institutions and water and sanitation utilities have developed and implemented strategies and technologies to control leakage and water loss. These strategies have proven highly efficient and received worldwide recognition.

The conference will be held for ninth time and is considered to be major annual water loss event in the Balkan region. This year’s conference will document available know-how and best practices and will recommend new approaches for more efficient management in the field of water with a focus on water loss reduction.

The conference is supported by the European Water Resources Association (EWRA). EWRA is a leading European non-profit organisation aiming at the enhancement of cooperation and the exchanges in application and research on all aspects of water resources. EWRA’s activities include organisation of conferences, symposia and training courses, publication of journals, bulletins, conference proceedings and newsletters, as well as expert knowledge networks. Further information regarding EWRA can be found on their website.


  • To encourage the exchange of experience and information on successful examples within the different national/local programmes in improving leakage control and water losses reduction in water supply systems;
  • To concentrate on the most promising approaches, highlighting especially the need in institutional capacity development and the establishment of cooperation in order to apply the best available technical and managerial solutions;
  • To collect facts and figures and successful case stories to increase awareness and attention to the issue of water loss reduction by decision-makers and water managers.


  • Legislation and institutional frame; 
  • Innovative solutions for reduction of the real and apparent water losses; 
  • Problems regarding the apparent water losses reduction; 
  • Setting of realistic aims and their sustainable upkeep; 
  • Approaches for water losses reduction using the advantages of DMA; 
  • Software solutions for water loss reduction


The official languages of the conference are English and Bulgarian. 


All stakeholders such as suppliers and manufacturers of innovative technical solutions for detection and control of water losses, leakage control and water metering are invited to present their products and methodologies in the technical exhibition that will be held during the conference in a separate hall, next to the conference hall. Should you show any interest, please, contact the organisers for more information.  


Participation fee is being paid by bank after the registration start (along with Second call and Registration form for the event) after 1st October 2018. The tax could be paid on the day of the conference. The tax includes: access to all events, set with materials, coffee-breaks, lunch, cocktail for one participant


  • д-р инж. Атанас Паскалев, член на УС на БАВ – председател
  • Виолета Михайлов, БАВ
  • Димитър Михалков, БАВ


  • инж. Иван Иванов, председател на БАВ и на програмния комитет
  • д-р инж. Атанас Паскалев, член на УС на БАВ
  • проф. инж. Ганчо Димитров, член на УС на БАВ
  • инж. Георги Владов, зам.-председател на БАВ
  • Бамбос Хараламбос, Кипър
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