BWA participates in the Council for sustainable development in the WSS sector

With decree of the Minister of the Regional Development and Public Works – Nikolay Nankov, a Council for sustainable development in the WSS sector has been created as expert consultative section, appointed to the Minister. Its President is the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works – Malina Krumova and members are other Deputy Ministers, Presidents and representatives of few other institutions such as: the Ministry of Environment and Water, Ministry of Argiculture, Food and Forestry, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, National Association of the Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Water Association, Union of WSS Utilities in Republic of Bulgaria.

The aim of the Council is to combine the efforts among the central state authority, local municipalities and non-governmental organisations regarding finding of solutions for the sustainable development of the WSS sector. The members of the Council will have the main task to coordinate the activities of the competent Ministries and all other stakeholders for implementation of the Action Plan for the Strategy for development and management of water supply and sewerage in Republic of Bulgaria for the period of 2014-2023.

With its respective work the new body will coordinate the measures for planning of the funds for WSS infrastructure from the EU funds in the period before 2020 as well as activities, connected to the operational management of the utilities with state ownership of their assets.

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