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Bulaqua Magazine

Bulaqua magazine is the official print edition of BWA. It is being published 4 times per year and its recepients are directly connected to the WSS sector such as the Council of Ministers, Ministry of the Regional Development and Public Works, Ministry of Environment and Water, majors and regional heads of all 28 big regions in the country, managers of the firms-corporative members of BWA, as well as many others. Many important for the sector news and events find their place in the pages of the magazine. Also an important part of it is the section for applied-scientific reports.

Here in this page you can read the last issues of Bulaqua magazine:

Issue 4/2017

Issue 3/2017

Issue 2/2017

Issue 1/2017

Issue 4/2016

Issue 3/2016

Списание Булаква 2016-2

Issue 2/2016

Issue 1/2016

Issue 4/2015

Issue 3/2015

Списание Булаква 2016-2

Issue 2/2015

Issue 1/2015

Issue 4/2014

Issue 3/2014

Списание Булаква 2016-2

Issue 2/2014

Issue 1/2014

Issue 4/2013

Issue 3/2013

Списание Булаква 2016-2

Issue 2/2013

Issue 1/2013

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