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Quality Mark


Quality Mark of BWA

The activity of Bulgarian Water Association (BWA) – „Quality Mark of BWA“ is voluntary product certification designed to improve the reliability of the materials set for construction projects in the country. Initially, the organization introduced the marking for plastic pipes only, but with the expansion of the range now covers clay pipes and other materials. In the event that a product has the Mark, it is a guarantee of strictly performed, additional control on clearly defined standards and methods borrowed from the successful and proven with time European practices.

The marking „Quality Mark of BWA“ is not mandatory, but gives the investor confidence. Every company, whether Bulgarian or foreign, importer or manufacturer may submit an application with a desire to get the Mark. The aims are few.

  • Lowering the number of accidents that each citizen of the country pays.
  • Improving the quality of the used in underground infrastructure products.
  • Development of fair competition in the production and supply of pipes on Bulgarian market.

The activity is analogous to the European labels such as croup in Austria, EnPiEm Norway, KIVA in the Netherlands and has been shown that these markings work effectively in many developed countries, more than 20-30 years.

To learn more about how to apply for a Quality Label of BWA you can read – HERE

List of certified products can be found HERE

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